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Squug develops apps and games for the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. Our mobile games are designed with fun and simplicity in mind, and are fun for the whole family.

Palmer's AlphabetNew Release! Palmer's Alphabet.
Now available in the Windows Phone Store and in the Windows Store (for Windows 8).
Read more about it here.

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Windows Phone Games: Free

Alpha Match
math match US Capitals World Capitals Quiz
Alpha Match A+ Math Facts US Capitals World Capitals
Word Frenzy inFocus: Windows Phone 7 puzzle app icon Animal Rescue
India Capitals
Word Frenzy Puzzle Tiles Animal Rescue India Capitals
Math Knockout
Puzzle Tiles Seasons A+ Math Frenzy Math Match
Math Knockout Puzzle Tiles Seasons A+ Math Frenzy Math Match

Windows Phone Games: Ad-Free

Alpha Match Kids 
A+ Math Facts Pro 
A+ Math Frenzy Pro 
Math Knockout Pro
Alpha Match Kids A+ Math Facts Pro A+ Math Frenzy Pro Math Knockout
World Capitals Pro 
Puzzle Tiles Pro 
Palmer's ALphabet Rhyming with Palmer
World Capitals Pro Puzzle Tiles Pro Palmer's Alphabet Rhyming w/Palmer

Windows 8 Games

Alpha Match Kids Puzzle Tiles
Alpha Match Kids Puzzle Tiles
Palmer's Alphabet  Rhyming with Palmer
Palmer's Alphabet  Rhyming with Palmer  

Top Family Game: Word Frenzy

A+ Math Facts: iconFind words in a 5x5 grid of letters. Double and triple point bonuses add strategy and excitement. New tiles after you find each word keep the game board constantly changing. Race the clock in Classic mode, racking up as many points as you can in two minutes. Or try our unique Frenzy mode, where you need to keep finding words to stay alive.

Addictive and fun game with great replay value. Build your vocabulary while you have fun. Download this great game for everyone in the family.

Education Favorite: Alpha Match

Alpha Match iconA classic, concentration-type memory game that's kid-friendly and suitable for all ages. The goal is simple: flip cards to find matches as quickly as you can.

Three different games: simple picture matching, matching capital and lower case alphabet letters, or matching initial sounds (A matches apple, B matches ball, etc.). Choose a small game with just 12 cards or a larger game with 24 cards for more challenge.

"Simple, but challenging. Entertaining for those of us who refuse to grow up. Cute pictures!"
–online review, October 11, 2011